A Warm Embrace Tin

Rose Essential Oil relieves stress, fights anxiety, andrelaxes your body and mind. Vanilla rounds out this scent with a sweet softness and gives way for the white sage to finalize this scent with some grounding. A beautiful, naturally femme scent emulating the presence of a warm embrace.


Essential Oils:

  • Rose
  • Vanilla
  • White Sage


8oz Tin

2” tall x 3” wide
Burn time: 20-30 hrs

A Warm Embrace Tin


    Small batch, hand poured luxury essential oil candle made in Los Angeles.


    + All natural coconut soy wax

    + Theraputic grade essential oils

    + All ingredients are non-toxic & vegan
    + Wooden wicks create no carbon soot build up
    + Sustainable product and packaging

    + Cream matte metal tins with lid

    + Scented exclusively with our signature essential oil blend